SAT/ACT Expert, Citing PSAT Changes, Urges Individualized Test Prep Game Plan to Ensure Success

Published on April 6, 2015

Harriet Broder, Founder of Potomac, Maryland-based BreakthroughTestPrep, says revised PSAT contains a number of positives that can ease preparation, and provides clues to the new SAT.

POTOMAC, MD – Harriet Broder, author of Amazon best-seller “Six Secrets to Mastering Successful SAT or ACT Test Taking” says the just-released sample of the PSAT provides clues to the SAT students will take next year.

Thirty-five minutes longer, with 60 minutes of reading passages, the new PSAT tests somewhat more advanced math concepts.

A specialist in one-on-one preparation, and helping families choose between the SAT and ACT, Broder says the reading section is easier than the current SAT, with passages and options that tend to be more straightforward.

Challenging vocabulary is not tested, so there is less need to learn more difficult words.  Grammar is tested within reading passages that provide more context than before, making it easier to elevate reading scores.

Fewer math questions and concepts are tested so what is known as the plugging in strategy should work even better, says Broder.

As for science, the revised PSAT incorporates material into both math and reading sections that does not demand the same level of focus required on the ACT. 

Finally, the new PSAT has only 4 choices rather than 5 with no penalty for incorrect answers.

Broder’s advice:  since the PSAT is easier than the old test, and probably than the ACT, sophomores should not take the old SAT next fall.  The redesigned PSAT is more like the ACT, so preparing for one is more like preparing for both. 

Meanwhile, Broder says, make sure your teen keeps his/her grades up, and plan to begin test preparation over the summer for the October 15, PSAT. 

Harriet Broder offers different learning formats, from one-on-one in person to Skype sessions to half day Quick Start Workshops, to guarantee the teens have the chance to improve their grades while keeping up with their busy schedules.   

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