Shannon Michelle Spurs Confidence With Fashion-Inspired And Boudoir Portrait Photography And The Pose Pretty Series

Published on April 8, 2015

Shannon Michelle of Shannon Michelle Photography creates unique high-fashion inspired and boudoir portraits that reflect the inner and outer beauty of each of her clients. Newly added, The Pose Pretty Series promises to teach clients how best to present themselves on film.

Photographer Shannon Michelle of Shannon Michelle Photography ( is building women’s confidence with her high-fashion inspired portraits and boudoir photography.

“You don’t need to look like the girl in the magazine to celebrate the girl in the mirror,” Michelle says.

With that in mind, Michelle coaches her subjects in how best to present themselves in front of the camera so their inner and outer beauty shines through. Michelle offers clients an opportunity to see themselves through a different lens.

Offering complete hair, make-up, and photo retouching services to each client, Michelle is committed to allowing each of her subjects to emerge from the experience with more confidence in themselves and in their own image.

“I give the people the confidence to be comfortable in front of the camera,” Michelle says. “I share proven posing strategies throughout their shoot and provide a one-of-a-kind experience that is priceless.”

Part of that confidence comes from Michelle’s down-to-earth approach concerning the fashion industry and the ideal beauty standards that women contend with every day.

“I love the fashion industry, but it’s theatrical in nature. It’s not something to compare yourself to day-in and day-out,” Michelle says. “That said, it is fun to be made over, to dress up and to have that model experience at least once, and I can give that to you.”

For her more intimate boudoir photography sessions, Michelle offers clients the unique opportunity to turn themselves into works of art; suitable for giving to their intimate partners to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, or other life events.

“Boudoir is the ultimate in intimate gift giving,” Michelle says. “Many clients are brides who are looking for an alternative to traditional grooms’ gifts or are wives celebrating an anniversary.”

Sometimes, though, the photography session, itself, is given as a gift. One client surprised his wife with a weekend excursion that included a session in front of Michelle’s camera.

“This woman was so beautiful – inside and out – but she had some body image issues,” Michelle says. “Her husband wanted her to see herself as beautifully as he sees her.”

As her business continues to grow, Michelle is moving into new territory, offering new classes that will teach people how to pose for the camera.

“We are thrilled to be launching our Pose Pretty classes,” Michelle says. “It’s a six-week, video-training series that teaches women how to look their absolute best on film.”

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