Sensi (Sean) Gilliland, Black Belt Investors, Talks About Real Estate Investing in a New Interview With Business Innovators Magazine/California Business Mavericks Magazine

Published on July 29, 2016

Sensi (Sean) Gilliland, Black Belt Investors, was recently interviewed by Business Innovators / California Business Mavericks Magazines about how he educates Real Estate Investing to new or inexperienced individuals.

In a recent interview with Beverly Boyko, President of Optima Publishing and California Business Magazine, Sensi Gilliand shared how he went from being one of the highest ranked martial artists in the United States to becoming one of the most recognized real estate experts in the United States.

Sensi Gilliand has been in Real Estate investing since 1995. He provides real estate investor training, coaching, and other real estate services.

During the interview, Gilliand stated, “I mostly deal with a lot of people and I hear a lot of things like I don’t have time and I don’t have money or I have to talk to my spouse or they come up with a lot of excuses and that’s what they are excuses. What it really boils down to is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of am I gonna lose a dollar, fear of what if I mess up, fear of success. I have many people I work with that have a fear of success. And, I think fear is the biggest obstacle for most people.”

According to Gilliand, “To be able to get over that fear you need to put faith in front of fear. You have to have some faith and to be able to get comfortable in that faith. I think if you’re going to get into the real estate world and to get comfortable to where you can pull the trigger you need to educate yourself.”

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