Tucson Businesses Can Profit Using New Adwords Price Extensions

Published on July 28, 2016

Google has announced a new Adwords extension that has great potential for Tucson businesses. Huge advantages for businesses who are able to quickly implement these new benefits available in Google Adwords.

Google has announced a new Adwords extension that has great potential for Tucson businesses.

If a business or organization is using Adwords they now have the opportunity to add prices to text ad campaigns. This can be a great equalizer for small businesses that compete on price in the online marketplace.

The pricing extension will also favor service businesses by allowing prices to be listed for different services.

Johnny Mulder, owner of Crimson Marketing Phoenix, announces Crimson Marketing Phoenix will be available to audit businesses and organizations current Adwords account and help determine if the new Pricing Extensions will be a good fit for a particular business. Google also announces that Text Ads lengths have increased to 145 characters from the current 95 characters.

Price Extensions and the expanded character ads will prove to be a great advantage to businesses that can adopt them in a meaningful manner into current Adwords campaigns. Many, probably most small to medium size businesses, will not be aware of this opportunity and the huge advantage it can bring to Adwords ROI.

Businesses need to determine which products and/or services they wish to include in the ads. Research any competition to assess any possible “wins” that could be easy to achieve. Determine pricing by determining the object of the prospective ads. A business may want to advertise a “loss leader” to induce potential new clients to try their business. Business could offer upsells or monthly service subscription options. The possibilities are nearly endless. Businesses may want to consult with an online marketing company to discuss all the potential strategies they may be able to implement.

The Expanded Text Ads will help tremendously in conveying a business’s new Prices by providing more space to explain the service or product. Businesses should continue to run the current ads and run A/B tests to see how the new Expanded Text and Price Extension ads compare.

Mulder also noted that businesses that are quick to adapt to this new opportunity the potential for increased ROI is great.

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