Sid Smith Reveals How Business Owners Can Grow Their Net Worth By Their Business Owning Real Estate

Sid Smith Reveals How Business Owners Can Grow Their Net Worth By Their Business Owning Real Estate

Sid Smith reveals to business owners how to quickly grow their net worth by owning the real estate their business occupies.

Many businesses rent/lease space in buildings, warehouses, all of over North America. Each year they have observed that their rent has increased and acknowledge that they are making their landlords very wealthy.

Some business owners are vowing to take control of their situation and beginning to search for their own building to own.

Sid Smith a Commercial real estate broker/partner advocate for real estate ownership for business owners also believes that ownership is frankly for not every business. Leasing has it’s place. Smith says. “A good candidate for ownership is a business that has what I call sustainable critical mass.” For example “The business is living off of its strong cash flow, the ROI of the business is between 8-20% the business( and owner) can sustain a large outlay of capital in the form of a down payment, and a business that is difficult to move just to mention a few as there are more considerations that I won’t is get into how but those are the top points of references.”

Smith started his career in 1989 and has diversified level of experience in various facets of commercial real estate. Smith is extremely passionate about helping the right business owners own their place of business real estate, and wake up to the opportunities of ownership.

“Over my twenty five year career in the Calgary commercial real estate business I have made a great deal of landlords a ton of money. I have seen business owners stay in the same place of business for ten, fifteen years, not realizing that they have paid half of the landlord’s building off for them.” Smith continues with saying, “I’ve seen situations where landlords have taken advantage of captive tenants and charged them more rent than what’s fair market, all because it takes too much, money, patience, and effort to move their place of business.

“I’m here to help and wake the business owner up,” Says Smith.

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