Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC Announces Smart Mark Ads & Insights Mobile Consumer Insights and Advertising Platform

Published on July 22, 2015

Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC, in conjunction with its cell phone partner, unveiled Smart Mark Ads & Insights Mobile Consumer Insights and Advertising Platform, a single, revolutionary mobile app/platform that combines everything a company could ever DREAM of in a consumer insights and advertising channel.

Smart Mark is a revolutionary, mobile app based consumer insights and advertising platform that gives consumers a way to quickly connect with a company, give their opinion on a product or service and then give the company the ability to immediately ‘push’ a targeted offer right back to the same consumer. 

It is available on all Android based and Windows based phones and will be available on iPhones within the next week. 

Smart Mark Ads & Insights is the advertising and consumer insights arm of Smart Mark and has made the app/platform available to companies and ad agencies who want to advertise or gather consumer insights in the Philadelphia and 60 mile radius area effective immediately. 

This area touches New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Like Uber, they are taking a ‘one metropolitan area at a time’ approach to launching to guarantee saturation in a particular market making it very attractive to companies and agencies to reach thousands of consumers in a condensed area.

Companies are guaranteed a 100% response rate to the ‘unique’ relationship Smart Mark has with its phone users.  The phone users will receive unlimited talk, text and data on the 4G network in exchange for responding to a few consumer insight questions or offers each day. 

Smart Mark also has patented, fail safe technology built into its app that tracks user engagement and trends to help strengthen its guarantee of a 100% response rate.

“We wanted to create something that took consumer insights and advertising to a new, deeper, more engaging level,said Dr. Martin Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC, the holding company of Smart Mark Ads & Insights.  “Mobile is the way of the future when it comes to consumer engagementYou see it in every media channel.  So we thought what better time to give consumers and companies a whole new way to connect with each other that benefits both parties at a deeper level in a vacuum.

Right now, no one can offer a connection like this between companies and consumers in a vacuum.  Even the other Social Media platforms that do a good job of this still do not have the consumers attention in a vacuum, meaning there are NO other bells, whistles and distractions taking the consumer’s attention in Smart Mark.  So the consumer gets 100% free unlimited talk, text and data on the 4G network and a 100% secure, confidential way to tell a company his or her opinion and get special offers, discounts, rewards, etc. in return based on their likes, preferences, wants, needs and desiresThen the company gets to maximize their marketing dollar to the nth degree due to the fact they get a 100% response rate from the consumers they get exposed to through the app on a very targeted and specific level.  Its an incredible win-win all the way around for both consumer and company,” said Tina Manderbach, Chief Insights Officer of Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC.

“Also, the costs to gain consumer insights and to advertise on our app/platform is VERY competitive and often times less expensive overall compared to other digital marketing channels.  Especially, when you consider the 100% guaranteed response rate,” said Dr. Mark Halteman, Chief Financial Officer of Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC.

Smart Mark Mobile Ads & Insights is expected to go viral VERY quickly and will be expanding into major US based and International markets as the demand grows from consumers and companies alike.

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Company Name: Smart Mark Mobile Ads LLC
Contact Person: Tina Manderbach
Phone: (267) 603-8237
Country: USA