Special “Finds…” Marketing Campaign Generated Multiple Offers to Quickly Sell Unusual Underground Home

Published on August 27, 2018

The owner of an earth-sheltered home near Asheville, NC hired Special “Finds…” to develop a marketing and advertising campaign to attract a buyer who would recognize and appreciate the eco-friendly attributes of her rare home built into the side of a mountain.

Special “Finds…” is a marketing and advertising agency for selling unique properties. The firm was retained by the owner of an earth-sheltered, or bermed, home to develop a marketing and advertising program to attract a buyer for the unusual property. Underground homes are rare, and it was necessary to educate the buying public to the environmental, economical, and other benefits of this type of property.

Special “Finds…” brought the property to life by composing differing versions of their signature “Property Stories,” a portion of which appears below for this green-roof ready, earth-sheltered home:

“Extremely rare, and virtually indestructible, this energy-efficient, poured-concrete and steel home is truly unique. The initial cost of construction causes few of these homes to be built, but the cost savings in heating and cooling is impressive. Positioned to draw in the sun’s warmth and light from sunrise to sunset there are oversized windows along the front. A huge sun tunnel opens to a green-roof overhead where you can plant a large garden.”

Additionally, Special “Finds…” developed a “Sustainable Living – Underground Homes” blog designed to attract buyers interested in green living.

This innovative marketing program resulted in multiple offers and a sale in less than two months. The Special “Finds…” marketing campaign included simultaneous full-page ads in digital versions of the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalRobb Report, and the duPont Registry.

Brenda Thompson, Special “Finds…” Founder, President, and CEO, was the Director of Marketing at the New York Stock Exchange before entering the real estate industry in 1991. She founded Special “Finds…” in 1995 and has focused exclusively on marketing unique properties with a creative approach since she founded the firm.

Special “Finds…” is a professional marketing and advertising agency for selling unique properties. Headquartered in North Carolina, Special “Finds…” develops and executes marketing and advertising campaigns for unique properties throughout the United States and around the world. The agency is also a licensed real estate firm in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and represents buyers and sellers with their unique property transactions in those states. For more information, visit http://SpecialFinds.com

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