Stephen Swensen’s Last Advisor System Catapults Income for Financial Advisors

Stephen Swensen’s Last Advisor System Catapults Income for Financial Advisors

Financial Advisor, Stephen Swensen, was the featured speaker on Influencers Radio show. He discusses the Last Advisor system he has developed to help financial advisors run their businesses more profitably.

Financial Advisor, Stephen Swensen, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. He discussed a system he has developed for financial advisors, which is called Last Advisor.

In his early years as a financial advisor, Swensen tried all the usual methods of marketing his business, including seeking referrals and running print ads. He’s embarrassed to say he even tried using billboards to attract the public’s attention. Frustratingly, he found none of these strategies worked well.

Over time, he developed a system which worked for him and which, in fact, increased his income tenfold. Interestingly, he found himself working less than he had originally while making this increased income.

According to Swensen, “I developed this strategy because I got tired of having to resell myself to every single client on every single account review. I got tired of competing on performance alone, investment performance alone.

And so I needed to find a strategy that would be less about performance and more about stability and security and knowledge for the client. When I finally found that, I then needed a way to sell it to my clients. I needed a way to teach that to them. So that when they came into my office every six months for a review, I didn’t feel like I had to resell them on what we were doing.”

After using this strategy with his clients, he found that it made him more “referable.” This platform provides a systematic, consistent way to access more people he could offer his services to.

All of his clients are on his platform, which educates them about the investment strategies that are being used for their account.

As a result, Swensen shares, “Performance now becomes the second or third item on the agenda in our account review. It’s not the leading discussion point. And it’s not the sole reason they stay with me or leave me. Performance is important, but because the strategy is understandable and so well executed in this system, performance is not the first thing we talk about.”

Swensen markets the Last Advisor system to other financial advisors. According to Swensen, “What we’ve done with the platform is give the advisors tools to promote the strategy. Not just to the prospects, but to their clients, because their clients are going to feed them the best prospects.”

The Last Advisor system provides not only the platform to use with clients, but it also provides instructional books and marketing packets that the advisors can use with their clients and prospects. In addition to other features, it also provides the advisors with white board presentations which are hosted on a custom website for the advisor. These presentations can be used as primers for their prospects.

Struggling financial advisors need struggle no more to increase their income and have the lifestyle they want. The Last Advisor, by Stephen Swensen, could be the solution they’ve been looking for.

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