Sylvia Inks, Small Business Finance Coach, reaches Number 1 Amazon best seller list with her first book “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur.”

Published on November 3, 2016

“Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur” by small business finance coach, Sylvia Inks, garnered three #1 best seller spots tied to starting a business and small business bookkeeping the day of official release on Amazon.

Inks, an author, small business financial coach, and instructor for small business programs in the Raleigh-Durham NC area, works with small business owners to understand the required fundamentals for setting up and maintaining a solid, profitable business over time. Her clients include service-based entrepreneurs, product owners, and independent contractors.

When asked why she wrote the book, Inks responds “Many entrepreneurs are great at what they do, but they don’t fully understand the numbers and avoid looking at the finances. When I started my business, I found that most financial books and resources were dry, complex, and more theoretical than practical, often leaving readers confused on exactly what to do and in what sequence. Not having a solid business and financial foundation can make or break a business. I wanted to give busy entrepreneurs a resource that included a ready-to-use guide with all the key information that they needed in one place.”

Providing the education, tools, and encouragement that enable small business owners to put into practice sound business and financial management is the center of Ink’s business. “My clients struggle with feeling overwhelmed and stressed because they don’t have the tools and tactics to get their arms around their small business finances. Many feel panicked when a crisis arises, not knowing how to handle it. This book gives readers real-life case studies to make it relatable and provides details on how to actually implement the process. I make it my business to help my clients in their business become and remain profitable,” Inks shares.

As one book reviewer reported, “‘Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur’ provides an excellent overview of some of the financial pitfalls that can keep small businesses from thriving. From separating personal and business finances, establishing good accounting practices, and collecting payments from customers, to evaluating the need for outsourcing, this book covers a whole range of areas that are often overlooked or poorly managed by the creative entrepreneur.”

Ink’s book, “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur,” is available in both Kindle and print versions on

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Sylvia Inks is the founder of SMI Financial Coaching, specializing in helping small business owners identify, implement, and manage practical low-stress financial solutions that enable business growth. The company is based in Raleigh, NC and serves out-of-state clients through virtual coaching. To learn more about the programs and services offered, visit SMI Financial Coaching.

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