Terry Gremaux, Social Media Expert, Unveils New Twitter Lead Generation Training for Home Based Entrepreneurs

Published on July 21, 2016

Terry Gremaux, known as the “Hashtag Hunter,” has launched a new twitter training course called “The Twitter Automatic Lead Generator” for entrepreneurs who are looking for an automated way to generate leads on the social media platform.

Terry Gremaux is a social media expert and sought after marketing trainer who is known as the “Hashtag Hunter.” Terry has focused his business and training on helping entrepreneurs utilize social media to help them grow their business and their brand. He has over 1,500 entrepreneurs that have utilized his training programs to achieve success in their social media marketing efforts.

Terry has just launched his newest training called, “The Twitter Automatic Lead Generator.” It is a video course that provides step-by-step instruction on how to organically gain targeted followers, adjust your profile to attract new leads, when to send new tweets, what software to use and how to automate most of the process to take just minutes per day.

“Too many entrepreneurs believe that Twitter is a difficult social media platform to succeed on because they don’t have an understanding of how to efficiently use the platform and interact with others,” explained Mr. Gremaux. “I have personally enjoyed great success on Twitter and have helped several students generate targeted leads for their businesses in just under 10 minutes per day.”

Twitter averages right at 310 million active users per month. The constant updating of tweets on an individual feed have created a notion among home based entrepreneurs that their message can be easily lost among a sea of instant updates. Moreover, outside of training concerning placing paid advertisements to grow a following on twitter, most home-based business owners are unaware of how to truly connect with targeted leads and build a following organically.

Terry explains, “The biggest reason why I created this new training is for entrepreneurs to have the ability to get 10 plus leads everyday on Twitter in under 10 minutes of time on autopilot.”

“The Twitter Automatic Lead Generator” course is open for enrollment starting on Thursday, July 21, 2016. For more information visit: http://thehashtaghunter.com/

“I believe in empowering home based entrepreneurs because thats how I started my business,” said Terry Gremaux, the visionary leader of Marketing Powerhouse Mastermind, a company dedicated to training entrepreneurs how to create and build their business online by using the power of social media.

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