Gurunath Hari Hits Amazon Bestseller List in Multiple Categories with The 6 Dimensions

Published on July 21, 2016

Gurunath Hari's latest book, The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism—Excel In Work and Life, is currently on the Amazon Bestseller List in Multiple Business Categories.

Gurunath Hari is a management and leadership consultant for Peak Employee Engagement.  He offers workshops to shift behaviors toward “Peakism,” his term for achieving at the highest potential.  He has outlined his theories about how to get the most from employees and managers in his new book, The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism – Excel In Work And Life, which is currently on the Amazon Bestseller list in multiple business and management categories.

The book provides compelling insights derived from research into the concept of Presenteeism and how it connects to Holistic Wellness.  Filled with inspirational true-life stories and interviews as well as mobile device-friendly interactive content, this book provides tools and knowledge that lead to insights into personal motivations and help readers make better choices that lead to success in every area of life.

According to Hari, “Embracing Peakism begins with avoiding Presenteeism, with the understanding that for our outer world to change, our inner world must change first. For most, this mysterious inner world acts as a wild horse unwilling to be tamed and easily distracted by the noise, agendas and shiny objects we encounter in the outer world.  However, with this book as your guide, you have a first class trainer and a world-class syllabus. Prepare to enjoy the ride to a new and far more fulfilling life!”

Hari understands how difficult it can be to overcome obstacles and become distracted by life.  A child of poverty, he rose to success due to his hard work and his understanding of the basic concepts outlined in his book, including how to explore the inner world of the mind and turn that power to use in achieving dreams and goals.

For a limited time, readers can obtain a free copy of the downloadable book by visiting the author’s website at  For more information about the author, his theories and his work, visit his website.

About Gurunath Hari:  Gurunath Hari has spent more than 25 years in leadership and management roles in companies throughout India, the Middle East, Europe, countries in South East Asia and the United States. He currently works as a Leadership, Sales and Professional Skills Instructor in a major multi-national IT corporation.  His latest book, The 6 Dimensions: Overcome Presenteeism – Excel In Work And Life, is a current Amazon Bestseller.

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