The Ant Team Battling Tradition Launches A Digital Marketing Service

Published on December 4, 2014

Business trends move fast. Digital business marketing trends change as fast as data flows. The Ant Team Social Media Marketing, a company based in Singapore, is aware of these modern marketing trends and The Ant Team is taking full advantage of the trendy social media and digital marketing advertising platforms by offering effective advertising solutions to local businesses. Their advertising is geared towards making sales while allowing the company to not worry about learning everything digital. The company emphasizes that their digital marketing skills are needed because even though their clients have great content and products, they are not able to reach a wide enough audience by using traditional means of advertising.

“Most businesses these days know that the traditional methods of advertising are not as effective as they used to be. Consumers are shifting where they spend most of their time to smart phones or computers and find themselves spending much less time reading magazines and newspapers. Mobile smart devices have taken up most of the consumer’s time and social routine. Digital media and social tools are considered the most effective way to bring traffic to our client’s products and services.” says Eugene Tan of the Ant Team.

With digital marketing influencing an ever-larger audience, The Ant Team listens to and works with advertisers to help them realize their potential with digital advertising.

“We meet with the client to understand their objectives, market value, and competition, and then we present a quote and audit report.” Say Eugene Tan of The Ant Team about the interactions between the team and its clients. Eugene continues, “The Ant Team then continues to work with the client to ensure that they are reaching their highest potential. We trace each campaign’s effectiveness and store this data in a report. We also use special software to generate more insight and retrieve information that will better influence the campaign.”

Eugene Tan and his team describe how their customers struggled with the idea of switching to digital advertising, at first. Tan explains “We saw the change in traditional advertising and prepared ourselves four years ago. We faced rejection from our shareholders and even some of our key accounts”. However, the team’s knowledge of both traditional media and digital marketing helped them earn the trust of their clients. “It wasn’t easy at first, but the team has built a strong foundation in digital advertising and marketing and has continued to excel by reviewing webinars and courses that are important to the mobile society,” states Eugene Tan.

Using strong research methods and tightly focused customer-targeting practices, The Ant Team provides services with the goal of allowing their clients more ease in making sales and creating a customer base. Through this process, The Ant Team hopes to help businesses understand that they must follow the social and marketing trends of today if they hope to succeed. This means that many of the traditional means of advertising must be abandoned in an attempt to direct traffic from social media applications and websites to the clients. The Ant Team doesn’t ignore all traditional marketing techniques; the methods that do work are combined with digital marketing methods in order to get the best result possible. Tan stated in regard to the new digital marketing techniques that “Everything goes back the foundation. We cannot overly rely on technology. We still need to understand consumer behavior and trends.”

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