“The Depression Optimist” Continues to Guide Individuals Suffering from Depression through Their Journey to Recovery

Published on January 23, 2015

The Depression Optimist, a self-help book written by the founder of Feelbetter Counselling and an expert in treating depression, Andrew Richardson, continues to guide individuals suffering from depression on their journey to recovery.

Written and launched on September 2014, The Depression Optimist easily became one of the most sought-after mental health books of the year as it hit the best sellers list at the end of 2014. It is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

In the ‘how to cure depression’ book, moreover, Andrew Richardson tackles depression as a completely recoverable mental exhaustion in an angle that is in-depth, answering 21 significant questions that are frequently asked by patients and practitioners alike, and deemed as a primary requisite for a deep understanding of the mental state that is depression. Here are some of the questions asked by patients in a survey and are answered in the book:

– The causes of depression
– The options for depression treatment
– The signs of depression in women
– The signs of depression in men

In connection with the depression treatment, many sufferers regard it as a rather challenging and almost impossible activity. Richardson, however, continues to believe and impart to his clients that depression is not a medical problem and therefore should not be ministered by the medical authorities; for it is an unseemly combination of mental and physical exhaustion that is further triggered by the body’s failure to cope with the extent of its capacity to dream.

More to this point, antidepressants prescribed by the medical authorities have very minimal significant effect as opposed to what they promised, according to a number of scholarly opinions that have suggested and evidenced so. Professor Gotzsche, a well-respected Danish researcher, has once concluded that “evidence for the benefits of psychiatric drugs, like antidepressants, was so weak and flawed – and adverse effects so often underrated or ignored – that the widespread use of these drugs was likely to be doing more harm than good.”

This furthermore stirs up a concern apropos of depression being completely treated. Richardson tackles this practically with an abundance of successful recovery stories and technically with the help of the study that was published in Psychology and Psychotherapy Theory, Research and Practice in 2011 which laid out a 12-month analysis of the Human Givens applied in primary care in general medical practice.

For additional information, visit http://www.TheDepressionOptimist.co.uk

Andrew Richardson is a sixty-something counselor, founder of Feelbetter Counselling and now a self-help author of the book “The Depression Optimist”. He began his career and worked for three decades as a professional economist in various places such as Africa and UK Treasury. It further led him to the position of a consultant financial economist – a position which many deem as a competent training for both counseling and psychotherapy.

Richardson found his calling at the beginning of the century in which he comprehensively learned the particulars of counseling through meditating rigorously that was mostly centered in the Buddhist tradition and studying the Enneagram Personality Typing System. His learning, moreover, reached its apex in 2001 upon acquiring the Human Givens Training which lasted for four years.

Dealing with slowly progressing and chronic multiple sclerosis (MS), his physical disability did not stop him from helping individuals deal with depression. He never deemed his capacity to practice counseling as any way compromised. Besides his closeness to transportation links and easy access to parking, new technologies on communication have helped him reach his clients across the world, too.

For more information contact Andrew here: andrew@thedepressionoptimist.co.uk or call him on 020 8257 0429 or visit website: http://www.TheDepressionOptimist.co.uk

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