The Silver Linings Storybook Tops Bestseller Lists in Personal Transformation and Spirituality Categories, Welcomes Rave Reviews

Published on May 27, 2016

The new book series, Silver Linings Storybook: Successful Business Leaders Share Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Stormy Days in Personal and Professional Life launched earlier this month to two #1 Paid Bestseller positions on

Less than a month after launching, the book rose to #1 in the Paid Amazon Bestseller categories of Women’s Spirituality, and #2 in the category of Personal Transformation & Spirituality, following Ekharte Tolle. Part of the series’ instant appeal is that “…these ‘silver linings’ stories are experienced by everyone, you can see them everyday in news stories; not just in the weather reports” according to the publisher, Debbie Horovitch who publishes books and creates authority positioning for entrepreneurs around the world, from her home base of Toronto.

Created by Horovitch to help construct an immediate emotional connection with business prospects and career opportunities, The Silver Linings Storybook shares personal stories of triumph over struggle by professionals and business owners, who all share a desire to live with more impact and significance. The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 1 includes the stories of 18 coauthors, each who shares a personal silver linings story, with the intention of inspiring their readers to be more hopeful, generous, and compassionate in their own lives.

“In the lives other people live sometimes you catch a glimpse of your own life and in the reflection you are able to see a different perspective ……. articulately expressed, inspiring, encouraging and heartening stories of victory over obstacles life throws in.” Amazon Verified Purchase Review, Rahul Badhwar

Organically, most of the coauthors of Volume 1 are students and alumni of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so their stories naturally focus on how they found their own sources of power to overcome physical and mental health issues, and had relatable life experiences that taught them to develop greater self awareness and responsibility.

“I am so impressed by every one of our coauthors – most are not professional writers, and some speak English as a second language – that they were able to be so authentic and sincere in sharing their most valuable life lessons… Especially when these stories of success and strength can be traced back to a moment that most people would rather forget, but they’ve found a way to identify the silver lining in their own unique experience. Then writing about it, warts and all, and sharing it publicly, can be a breakthrough experience for them in terms of knowing themselves and their true ability to serve clients with authentic quality and value.”

Horovitch shares that her own silver linings story was realized after she experienced a two-year depression following the sudden death of a close family member in fall 2013; even though her grief kept her from accomplishing in her business, it was during those quiet and isolated months that she reconsidered and evolved her intentions, as she came to realize more of her talents and potential. With those realizations, she made the first volume of Silver Linings Storybook available to storytellers at the beginning of 2016, filling up the landmark first volume for available coauthor spots in less than 2 weeks.

Included in Volume 1 are:

  1. Cindy Suárez – Piano and Me – San Juan, Puerto Rico
  2. Angela Sidlo – Where Does Wellness Begin? – Astoria, Oregon
  3. Lisa Laura – Awakening Through Fear – Glastonbury, Connecticut
  4. Priya Chawathe – Rebirth: Finding My Health, Happiness and Destiny – Seattle, Washington
  5. Henry Balzani – If The Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Don’t Count by Henry – Totowa, New Jersey
  6. Chris Holley – Acknowledging the Past, Creating the Future – San Diego, California
  7. Laura Ghedina – Walking with Weight – Sandy Hook, Connecticut
  8. Jarinus Prins – My Gift of Cancer – Germany
  9. Tracey Battle – Finding Your Voice Among the Voices – Norristown, Pennsylvania
  10. Christa Hayburn – Freedom to be FIERCE – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. Jennifer Rose Esposito – All is in Perfect Alignment, Middletown, New Jersey
  12. Sonya Schrufer – Making the Waking Hours Count – St. Bruno, Quebec
  13. Lauren Jean – Confessions of a Control Freak – Lake Grove, New York
  14. Elizabeth M. Friesen – Dreams Don’t Belong On A Shelf – Toronto, Ontario
  15. Gagan Thind – A Spiritual Radiant Life – Brampton, Ontario
  16. Pallavi Kumar – Redefining Ambition – Los Gatos, California
  17. Janaki Pierson – Uncovering Compassion – Woodbury, Connecticut
  18. Debbie Horovitch – Guidance From My Guardian Angel – Toronto, Ontario

Each of the coauthors is a professional speaker and available to collaborate with not-for-profit / charity, and local organizations to create a book marketing and promotion campaign, that gets copies of The Silver Linings Storybook into the hands of the people who need it the most. Silver Linings Storybook is available in bookstores, from the coauthors for custom print runs (event sponsorships) and on Amazon in print and ebook format at:

More information on special editions and future volumes of Silver Linings Storybook can be discovered by contacting Debbie Horovitch at

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