Parade Balloons Available For All Budgets

Published on May 27, 2016

USA company provides giant parade balloons for any size budget. Huge selection of giant parade balloons available.

Holiday parades are a memorable experience for many people. The problem is many smaller communities are locked out of sponsoring holiday parades because of the cost involved in providing the giant balloons that are a major attraction in parades.

Johnny Mulder, owner of Arizona Balloon Company, is announcing a new line of giant helium parade balloons and large cold-air inflatable parade balloons that will fit almost any city, town or organization’s parade budget.

The selection of stock giant helium balloons includes the following: 20 ft. tall Snowman, 20 ft. Tall Santa Claus, 20 ft. Tall Toy Soldier/Nutcracker, 20 ft. Tall Turkey, 30 ft. Angel, 15 ft. Tall Stars and 15ft. Christmas Tree Ornaments.

The selection of stock cold-air parade inflatables includes the following: 18 ft. Tall Statue of Liberty, 25 ft. Tall Angel, 25 ft. Smiley Face, 25 ft. Turkey, 25 ft. Pumpkin, 20ft. Witch, 25 ft. Easter Bunny, 20 ft. Santa, 20 ft. Snowman, 25 ft. Leprechaun and 20 ft. Earth.

Mulder also noted that Arizona Balloon Company will produce new helium and cold-air balloons from client provided designs and make the new design balloons available for rental. This is a first in the giant parade balloon market. Huge selection of parade balloons for rent at very affordable prices.

Giant helium and cold-air parade inflatables are great additions to any parade or event. Small cities and organizations are now able to offer spectacular events on a budget.

Company Name: Arizona Balloon Company
Contact Person: Johnny Mulder
Phone: 602-938-3550
Country: USA