Three Gymnasts From Daniil Kostovetskiy’s Arco Gymnastics Club Compete On NBC’s America’s Got Talent

Daniil Kostovetskiy, Owner and Head Coach of Emilia’s Acrobatics Gymnastics Club in Columbia Maryland produces three Gymnasts that are part of the act AcroAmry. AcroArmy competes for top prize Tuesday night on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Columbia, MD — Emilia’s Acrobatics Gymnastics Club (EAGC) is proud to announce that their very own Acrobats have made the TOP 6 on the popular NBC show, America’s Got Talent. Christina Antoniades, Emily Ruppert, and Hannah Silverman are part of the group AcroArmy. They will be competing for the million dollar prize on Tuesday, September 16th on NBC.

The appearance of the three EAGC members Tuesday night is sure to be as spectacular as their previous appearances which brought the judges and audience to their feet, cheering.

All judge Howey Mandell could say after their last performance was “Wow! You scared the heck out of me; you entertained the heck out of me. This is what America’s Got Talent is all about!”

“You are absolutely amazing”, said Heidi Klum. “You proved why you are still here.”

Howard Stern declared AcroArmy’s performance to be “One of the best act Terrific… Nothing short of Spectacular!”

Shock-Jock Stern also said, “I wish all of America could have this front-row seat because what you did here is second to none. Bravo!”

All these are strong words from a panel of judges, but even more amazing when the competitors are as young as 12 years of age. The group benefits from the experience of Elite-level competitors and coaches.

The AcroArmy includes 3 students of Daniil Kostovetskiy, owner and head coach at Emilia’s Acrobatics Gymnastics Club. A native of Ukraine and now a United States citizen, Daniil has more than 45 years of experience as an Elite-level competitor and coach. Daniil won several national medals while living in the Ukraine, and his students have gone on to win National, World and Olympic titles.

Even with an experienced head-coach, performance at this level is no accident. Emilia’s has staff specializing in early childhood gymnastics, starting children out as toddlers. AcroArmy members Hanna Silverman started at age 2, and Christina became a student at 3 years. Emily started at 8 and has been a student for 12 years.

Daniil credits Yelena Arakelyan with much of the students’ success. “I couldn’t do it without Yelena”, said Daniil. Yelena holds a master’s degree in physical education and has been active in acrobatics for thirty years, winning 3 World Game Gold Metals, 4 World Gold Metals, and 6 National Gold Metals (Russia), as well as numerous European and Junior World Gold Metals. She also has several years of experience as an Assistant Coach and Choreographer at the Russian Acrobatics Training Center. Yelena brought her expertise to Emilia’s in 2007 and has helped coach our internationally-ranked sports acrobatics team.

Another important member of the teaching staff says Daniil is Soso Tutderedza. Soso finished in 2nd place in World competition. “Soso is a good coach. He creates great athletes and teaches them to be good sports.” Says Daniil.

The AcroArmy will be fighting to stay alive during Tuesday night’s contest. Check local listings for times and channels. Watch America’s Got Talent and be sure to vote for the amazing AcroArmy gymnasts. Viewers will be given a number to text message their vote to, so be sure to watch.

Watch AcroArmy takes dance to another level

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Emilia’s Acrobatics, Gymnastics, and Cheerleading was started by Daniil and Yuri Kostovetskiy in 1992 then moved to the current location 1995. It has been a family dream to teach in and own a successful gymnastics gym. In 1995, they started with 1 acrobatics team consisting of 21 members; the current competitive acrobatics team has grown to over 50 members and competes nationally and internationally. Since establishing EAGC, they have continually expanded their recreational programs and classes to serve members’ needs. The gym offers opportunities for advancement for any level – from beginner tumbler to Olympic gymnast!

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