Tim Turner Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists With New Book on Retirement Planning

Published on September 6, 2016

Tim Turner, founder of Torrid Technologies tops Amazon.com best-seller lists with his new book, Make Retirement Simple. This book brings together four financial experts sharing their extensive years of experience in the financial industry in regards to planning for retirement.

The new book hit best-seller lists on Amazon.com within 24 hours of release. It was ranked #1 in the Kindle “Taxation” category, as well as #1 in the Kindle “Knowledge Capital” and also #1 in the “Small Business Taxation” category. The book was also featured as a “Hot New Release” and featured in the Management & Leadership and Human Resources categories too.

Make Retirement Simple – Volume 1 is the first in a series of books by Turner where he highlights the experience of financial experts around the country who specialize in ethically serving the individual needs of their clients through education and dedication to their work. In this volume, he shares the knowledge of Craig Cassidy, Travis Evans and Jeffery Biro as they travel through their careers and share stories of successful retirement planning as well as covering some of the misconceptions and pitfalls.

Turner, very happy about the success of the book stated, “This is really unbelievable.  To first of all be an author of this book, but to also hit the top of the Amazon Best-Seller lists the first time is just incredible.  I hope people read Make Retirement Simple and get a lot out of it.”

As founder of Torrid Technologies since 1993, Tim Turner has designed numerous financial planning software programs including Retirement View for Windows and Mac, WebCalcs(r), WebCalcs(r) for Advisors, as well as numerous custom planning systems.  Thousands of consumers have used Retirement View to quickly and easily build a visual retirement picture that they can instantly make changes to and see how their retirement might play out.

Tim has taught thousands of financial advisors and insurance agents how to use his strategies and system to dramatically improve their financial practice and their incomes.  His Retirement View system is used by financial advisors and reps at major Broker/Dealers and his WebCalcs(r) software systems have also been used by millions of people on websites for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

For more information about Tim Turner and Torrid Technologies, visit: www.Torrid-Tech.com

To purchase a copy of Make Retirement Simple, visit: http://amzn.to/2ceaZUE

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