Todd Breske Gives Buyers and Sellers an Edge with His Street Smart Real Estate Tips

Published on October 27, 2014

Professional Real Estate Agent, Todd Breske shares street smart real estate tips to educate and empower buyers and sellers.

The real estate market in the United States often cycles between a sellers market and a buyers market. When there is more demand than there are homes for sale, it is called a sellers market and when there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, this cycle is referred to as a buyers market. Knowing the right moves to make in each market can give consumers an advantage and real estate professional Todd Breske says that is what he aims to accomplish through his Street Smart Real Estate Strategies.

“Many consumers turn to the news, friends and office conversations to get their real estate information, however, that can often leave them short on the exact information that will help their family make the best decisions,” said Todd Breske. “ Real estate is local and having real time data is one of the biggest advantages a consumer can have whether they are buying or selling,” he continued.

When asked, sellers want to typically get the highest price for their home, while buyers tend to want to get a bargain. In 2007 the real estate market in the United States crashed and homeowners saw the values of their homes plummet to record lows and in some cases the value dropped beneath the balance of the mortgage leaving many people upside down. As the economy has rebounded, values of homes have increased and many markets now have a shortage of homes for sale relative to the number of consumers looking to buy.

“The current market is unique. It represents opportunities for both buyers and sellers which is why real estate is booming,” said Todd Breske.

In a recent interview for Small Business Trendsetters, Todd offered his top Street Smart Real Estate Strategies for both buyers and sellers. Here is what Todd recommends for buyers:

  1. Get fully pre-approved with a lender before shopping for a home.
  2. Retain a real estate agent who has specialized team members to represent their client’s best interest during the shopping, negotiating and closing process.
  3. Be realistic about the offer after finding the home to buy.

 For sellers Todd recommends these Street Smart Real Estate Strategies

  1. Hire a Real Estate Agent who has a team and knows digital marketing strategies that get a home maximum exposure.
  2. Maintain the home in “ready to show” condition at all time while the home is for sell.
  3. Be prepared to pay for buyer’s closing cost through the sales price of the home.

“Real Estate can seem simple; however, there are numerous moving parts. Hiring a real estate agent who has a team, marketing budget and local knowledge should be at the top of any buyers or sellers list,” added Todd Breske.

Today’s market shows plenty of signs of continued growth. Buyers and sellers who would like additional information on Todd’s Street Smart Real Estate Strategies can find them at or by calling 615-416-0410

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