Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Amy Rosner, Hits Five Best Seller Lists

Published on October 27, 2014

Dr. Amy Rosner, founder of Amy Rosner Clinical Hypnotherapy, recently hit five separate best seller lists with her book “Create Yourself.”

Gilbert, AZ – October 27, 2014 – Fame Jumpers PR and Marketing congratulates Dr. Amy Rosner, best-selling author of “Create Yourself” which recently hit five Amazon Best Seller lists.

The booked reached #2 in ’90-Minute Self-Help Short Reads,’ #4 in ‘New Age New Thought,’ #13 in ‘Personal Transformation,’ #8 in ‘New Age Religion and Spirituality,’ and #18 in ‘New Thought.’  The book was also included in Hot New Releases for ’90-Minute Self-Help Short Reads,’ ‘New Age New Thought,’ and ‘Personal Transformation’ categories.

Dr. Rosner say her book is for “anyone who would like to pay more attention to what they’re doing (or not) each day to grow, thrive and feel fulfilled and to identify what changes they may want to make to improve their lives.”  She further explains that it is a “workbook of self-discovery to help people change their brains’ operating programs a bit so that they create the personal and professional lives that really make them happy.”

Dr. Rosner is a former neuroscientist who researched attentional processes and memory formation and noticed that many of her clients would forget about much of the positive activity that would happen between sessions, instead focusing on the negative.  Once they would begin to recount their experiences, Dr. Rosner’s clients would remember more of the positive and realize that anything negative was not really so bad.

This was the inspiration for the book, Dr. Rosner explains “I thought that if they paid more attention to the positive things that happened throughout a run-on-the-mill day, they would form more positive memories and have a greater overall sense of happiness about their lives. I found some great recent research that backs up this idea, so I plunged into the happiness research literature and, between that and the process I’ve developed in my hypnotherapy practice to help people reprogram their negative feelings and limiting beliefs, I developed a system to help people become more mindful of the things that can help them feel more satisfied with their lives and improve their relationships – and make this mindfulness a habit.”

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