Top Therapeutic Massage Center In Fayetteville NC Moves To Improve

Published on December 13, 2019

While moving is always a challenge, a top massage therapy clinic is accepting it by successfully relocating to another Fayetteville zip code and expanding its services in the additional space.

Healing Hands Body Therapy is moving and expanding. Over the past several years, this massage center has become home of the local area’s premier therapists for all natural pain relief including medical massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, sports massage and more.

Owner and Lead Therapist Brenda Howell says with some satisfaction, “Five years ago, my business started out as only me, myself and I, with the goal of helping fix ‘broken soldiers’ and others who were experiencing pain. I was hoping to just make enough to cover rent and have some date money.  Today it has grown into a wonderful booming business and I have been so blessed to work with some incredible people.”

The new location, next to Eutaw Shopping Center on Bragg Boulevard in Fayetteville NC, will have more and larger treatment rooms and waiting area. It will also have a sizeable classroom, built for the main goal to provide continuing education providers for therapists, raising the industry’s performance level across the local area. Another important aspect of use will be to present training for a healthier life. Classes will include do-it-yourself techniques, tips and strategies for stretching, posture correction, relaxation and injury prevention relevant to occupation and lifestyle.

Howell’s humble beginning belied her extreme competence. Don Matheson, CEO of Matheson Marketing and Consulting put it this way, “I was a client of Healing Hands Body Therapy before it became my client. I had injured my hamstring and wasn’t able to train for an annual sports tournament. I discovered Brenda holding a demonstration at a business event, made an appointment, went through her treatment, which allowed me to resume training and ultimately win my division. At that point I realized I had to be part of this professional’s mission to fix as many injured people as possible and over five years that has been substantial.”

Howell had always considered her former structure an eyesore, yet she hoped people wouldn’t judge her by the building, but by the results they experienced. Her gamble paid off because of her obsession with helping people to relieve their pain.  Whether it is a sports or occupation injury (insert here: soldiers jumping out of perfectly good aircraft), carpal tunnel, migraines or other chronic pain she will find the best path for relief.  Towards that end she has built a team of like-minded therapists and administrators who work with her on their labor of love.

Lydia performs sports massage, deep tissue massage and scar tissue release. Abby can administer hot stones, perform relaxation massage and post-op plastic surgery massage. Steve is a reflexologist and massage therapist who applies therapy both for sports and relaxation. As the lead therapist, Brenda specializes in medical massage helping with injury recovery. Office managers Emily, Moya and Caroline help pair the therapist best suited to resolve each client’s unique issue, assist with appointments and organize the details that make a visit to the clinic a memorable experience.

The successes are impressive, as evidenced by the resolved issues revealed in online reviews.

Stress Massage
“My neck and shoulders were tight for years and stress was a portion of it! I needed a massage and finally “Made” the time to address these issues and found Healing Hands online! Abby was my massage therapist and she did a great job and I will definitely be back to keep from getting so bad in the first place!

Therapeutic Massage
“Steve did a great therapeutic message, very thorough , very professional and nice and friendly staff , was hurting and was able to get in quick.”

Post Surgery Massage
“So thankful for Healing Hands. The entire staff is genuine, full of compassion and provide an individualized plan for each client at a great price. Lydia does an amazing job providing relief from pain and her specialty is scar care.”

Shoulder Massage
“I had a pretty nasty shoulder injury and I couldn’t do the usual work in my business. After the first session I felt a tremendous relief and two more sessions later the injury was a thing of the past. Brenda did a fantastic job and she has built around her a very ‘professional and caring team’. Thank you for your excellent service.”

Of course these are just a small sample of dozens of 5-star reviews from clients who took the time to leave a review. Many more have verbally confirmed the clinic’s success in resolving individual health issues.

The Healing Hands team has produced results beyond Brenda’s expectations, but not her imagination. She is now setting course to double the clinic’s production while maintaining and improving treatment quality. Moving to the new Stamper Road location is central to completing this stage of their mission.

Appointments for massage and other treatments are available now and can be booked conveniently through the massage center website or by phone.

Healing Hands Body Therapy
806 Stamper Rd, Suite 201
Fayetteville, NC 28303 
(910) 818-2513

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Healing Hands Body Therapy
806 Stamper Rd, Suite 201, Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 818-2513

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