TPD Announces New Insourced Talent Acquisition Solution

Published on April 27, 2017

TPD an international HR and Workforce Solutions company launches new service line, a progressive new recruitment model for the modern world to support expanding customer business needs.

Ask any business owner about their top challenges in the last year – the odds are high that recruiting and retaining top talent are near the top of the list. As a progressive company that understands the significant role that technology and employer branding now play in talent acquisition, TPD an international HR and Workforce Solutions company has developed a new and unique insourced talent acquisition solution.

Throughout the last 35 years of providing recruitment services and placing candidates in permanent roles, TPD has strived to put the best candidate forward and build lasting relationships with clients. After reevaluating the market, TPD uncovered an opportunity to build a recruiting model that was customizable, and that would align with the specific business strategy of an organization.

TPD’s Insourced Talent Acquisition Solution allows businesses to choose the level of recruiting support that fits their needs. With the insourced model, TPD becomes your internal recruiting function. Within this membership-based partnership, TPD’s expert recruiters work in combination with cutting-edge talent management technology to reduce the cost and time to hire, while simultaneously driving cultural fit.

Organizations have the option of choosing the level of support that is right for them. Enterprise partnerships allow for TPD doing upwards of 35 recruits in a year, while business memberships would be closer to 10-14 placements – There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Matthew Loughran TPD Director of Marketing and Sales commented, “after conducting research where we surveyed hundreds of executives, business owners, and HR professionals there were common themes of where recruiting agencies fell short in delighting clients. The result of that research was the formation of our Insourced Talent Acquisition Solution to meet the growing needs of organizations with the flexibility to increase or decrease support when needed at a price point they can afford.”

How does insourced talent acquisition work in practice? TPD first seeks to understand what success looks in a role, and provides insight into the target candidate market. Knowing that traditional advertising only reaches 20% of the workforce, TPD broadens a client’s reach with a customized social media strategy and extended networks. By then focusing on cultural fit – TPD goes beyond resume screening and collects deeper insight using manager ratings, skill assessments, and more.

In addition, the insourced talent acquisition solution includes preferred hourly recruiting rates, a subscription to TPD’s HR Hotline, training and interview guides for hiring managers, and access to a full suite of electronic skill-based assessments to find you the best candidates. To learn more about TPD’s Insourced Talent Acquisition Solution, Click Here 

About TPD

TPD® is an international Workforce and HR Solutions company that partners with our clients and talent pool to help people succeed and help organizations perform. Founded in 1980, TPD works with people, for people, and about people; providing scalable HR solutions that are backed by the best-proven practices in the industry.

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