The Doyenne Group Launches ‘Doyenne Evergreen Fund’ Supporting StartUps Operated By Women And People Of Color

Published on April 27, 2017

Doyenne Group announces Evergreen Fund providing grants, loans, and equity investments for women-led and people of color-led ventures in Wisconsin.

 Madison, WI – The Doyenne Group, a full-service women-owned organization that works to build entrepreneurial ecosystems around both women and minority-owned startups, as well as invest in the power and potential of the entrepreneurial experience, this week announced they are offering a Doyenne Evergreen Fund for providing grants, loans, and equity investments for women-led and people of color-led ventures in Wisconsin.

Borne from a passion for supporting women through every single step of the startup fruition process, Doyenne Group focuses specifically on supporting the entire entrepreneurial experience, from the ideation stage, right up through the business closing phase.

“It doesn’t matter what stage of the business the entrepreneurs are in – we are ready to support them through every obstacle,” said Heather Wentler, Co-founder and Executive Director of Doyenne Group. “We have programming sessions and strategic retreats that are available to entrepreneurs wherever they are in their business plan. We sit down with them, listen, and formulate a surefire pathway to success for helping all women to reach their entrepreneurial goals.”

The Doyenne Group has ambassadors who are business professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who have a minimum of 5-years of business experience running their own entity. The group brings in these partners and hosts retreats as well as programming sessions for helping the organization members to further their operations.

The group accepts any woman in the entrepreneurial field for joining their programming structure. They host various types of programming throughout the year, and have already had attendants from other states as well. But, it’s worth noting that the Evergreen Fund in particular needs to be for Wisconsin residents based on the way it’s presently written.

“The key difference with us is that we’re here to support women as entrepreneurs, not just simply provide an audience and move on,” said Wentler. “We want to be the total support system for all women thinking about taking their operation to the next level. As women, we put barriers up that prevent us from achieving all we were meant to achieve. Through our Evergreen Fund, programming targeting professional development, and membership opportunities, we’re here to make a lasting difference in American female entrepreneurialism.”

The Doyenne Group is named after the French word “Doyenne” meaning the senior most prominent woman in her field. The nonprofit group was officially founded in 2012 by Heather Wentler and Amy Gannon. Since then, they have worked to eliminate the gender gap in the entrepreneurial community while also encouraging more women to take up the entrepreneurial fight.

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