Valerie Weber Featured on Greenberg News to Discuss Permanent Cosmetics

Published on March 7, 2016

Valerie Weber, CPCP, was recently featured as Brian Greenberg’s expert guest on the “Greenberg News Show” to discuss how permanent cosmetics save both time and money.

The time women spend every morning preparing for the day can be dramatically reduced with permanent cosmetics, an art Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional Valerie Weber has perfected to improve lives, one face at a time.

Having well-defined eyebrows is the current beauty trend, a time consuming look to achieve at home. Surveys completed by Weber’s female clients during their initial consultation show they spend an average of twenty-five minutes just to make up their eyebrows every morning. “I got [responses] as little as five to eight minutes in the morning to forty-five minutes,” revealed Weber.

According to results of the TODAY/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image Survey, fifty-five minutes is the average time women spend daily on their appearance. The cost of self-brow grooming is increasing as well. WWD reports money spent on brow products surpassed skin care at close to $164.4 million dollars globally.

Weber’s signature procedure reduces the time it takes to get ready each day, eliminating the need to purchase costly products.

“There’s a really special technique that we do called micro-blading, also known as hair-strokes or feathering technique,” a service Weber says is trending. “The micro-blading technique is a super realistic, a hyper-realistic version of hair-strokes. We’re actually able to create the appearance of hair,” she explained.

Weber’s background is in art, professional makeup artistry and clinical skin care. As a sought after professional in her field, clients come to her from all across the nation and abroad. Their online reviews are a testament to her skill.

From a review posted on Yelp: “Valerie changed my life! I never imagined my eyebrows could look this amazing, and it’s a huge relief not having to pencil them in every morning or worry about them coming off throughout the day.”

Another client left this review: “Val is truly an artist. My eyebrows have been an issue my entire life, however thanks to Val, they will never be an insecurity for me, ever again!”

To hear the entire interview, in which Greenberg and Weber also talk about her services for face, breast, scalp and body, visit:

The “Greenberg News Show” hosted by Brian C. Greenberg, brings a new, refreshing and cutting edge to talk radio, attracting personalities from all fields both locally and nationally. It airs on WNJC radio, 1360 AM.

Valerie Weber has been painting the tri-state region with her permanent cosmetic talent for over a decade. She is a lifetime Certified trainer member with the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals).

She is founder of the award-winning Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio, considered the gold standard in the industry.

Weber is also an SPCP Permanent Cosmetic Instructor, a highly regarded educator, subject matter expert and speaker.

Her mission is to create natural and artistic enhancements to give people a better quality of life through their own self confidence.

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