Women’s Success Coach, Irene Lebedies, Featured in Business Innovators Magazine

Published on August 29, 2014

Dr. Irene Lebedis, Success Coach, offer six tips to think outside the box in article featured in Business Innovators Magazine.

Irene Lebedies, a business performance coach who specializes in working with successful female professionals and business owners, was recently featured in an article in Business Innovators Magazine.

The article discusses how to reframe an individual’s thoughts and actions in order to achieve greater success.  In said article, Lebedies offers six steps for climbing out of the box.  The six steps are as follows:

Ask for feedback.  “Look at it this way,” says Lebedies, “feedback is just feedback. It is facts and figures and someone’s opinions. You can take it or leave it. BUT…it can also be super valuable in seeing something you never saw before.”

Go for something 100%.  Lebedies suggests that a person’s brain is wired to keep us safe, and so sometimes can hold us back.  Her suggestion is to remain focused and not give the brain an opportunity to form negative thoughts.

Acknowledge your gifts.  Lebedies advises that if one recognizes their gifts, they are freed from self-pity and self-doubt.

Practice Forgiveness.  Lebedies states “When we forgive, it may do nothing for the other person, but it sure releases us from shackles of bitterness, hate, envy and denial.”

Ask for what you want and need.  By simply asking for what one want and needs, Lebedies says that a person’s brain will go into overdrive trying to bring the desire to reality.

Be grateful.  “Be grateful. Make a list if you have to. See the little things that matter,” states Lebedies.

Using these tips, Lebedies is able to help empower her clients to achieve greater success.  These and other, similar, tips have long been used by business and self-improvement authors to help inspire others to reframe their thoughts and ultimately reach greater levels of achievement.

To read the entire article, visit Business Innovators Magazine

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