Health Coach Chris Holley Named CoAuthor of Silver Linings Storybook To Tell Story of 200lb Weight Loss and IRONMAN Achievements

Published on March 14, 2016

San Diego - Local professional and health coach Chris Holley has been named one of twenty one coauthors to participate in the new book Silver Linings Storybook: Successfully Navigating Stormy Days in Professional and Personal Life, publishing this Spring.

Holley was selected from candidates around the world to contribute his personal story of complete lifestyle transformation. In his chapter, he shares how he transformed his life and mindset, going from feeling that his life was out of control and he was totally helpless, weighing in at over 400lbs, to completing 2 IRONMAN triathlons, joining the Base Race Team, and becoming a professional holistic health coach.

Feeling trapped in a downward spiral of unhappiness with his career and weight, Holley discovered through his weight loss journey a new passion for sport (triathlon), that now defines him and his joy for helping others overcome their fears.

It was after a night of drinking in 2006, when he couldn’t recall what he’d done, he knew it was time for a change “I said to myself ‘What the hell am I doing? There has got to be more to living life than being unhappy with your job, going out and getting smashed, and waking up not remembering what happened the following day.”

This realization was the spark that he needed to take the reins of his life and discover a whole different perspective on life and himself.

Matt Miller, the President of Base Performance sports nutrition company explains why they chose Holley to represent them as a brand ambassador, and then welcomed him onto their sponsored race team, “Chris has been inspiring others through his lead-by-example attitude. Through his consistency and ability to express to people the honesty of his setbacks and how he picked himself back up and pushed forward. This approach allows others to find their victories in their daily life, no matter how big or small they are.”

Currently, Holley travels frequently for races and public speaking engagements; at home and online offers include 3 and 6-month healthy lifestyle transformation programs, and sports nutrition packages to help athletes become more metabolically efficient in how they can burn more fat for fuel, and finally individual triathlon training plans.

Jerry McCormick is an example client of Holley’s who is following on a similar path – he’s busy and focused his life on career achievements (Associate Producer at FOX 5 San Diego and Adjunct Professor at San Diego City College), to stay in his comfort zone. He shares, “I was afraid to swim most of my life until I met Chris. Chris is a rare teacher who has patience, understanding and determination. Within a few weeks, I was swimming across the pool. I owe this life changing moment to Chris who worked with me and helped me conquer my fear of the water.  I selected Chris as a teacher because he understands how important it is to stay fit and motivated. I’m currently overweight, but Chris is serving as my inspiration to achieve a better life.”

And with current athletes, like client Patty Luxton, Holley provides both training and nutrition coaching “I’ve been working with Chris for two months on a personalized nutrition and metabolic efficiency plan, as well as a fitness training plan. Training for triathlons this year, and my big goal is a half Ironman in October. Chris has been instrumental in giving me nutrition and fitness tools, confidence and encouragement, so I can meet my goals this year!

I’ve long struggled with snacking and foods with high carb content, so I knew this wasn’t going to be easy for me.  But Chris eases you into it, gives you ideas for foods, and provides good information on what to eat and when.  I have more energy, my workouts are stronger than they ever have been, I’ve lost weight, and I feel good about achieving the goals I have set, all thanks to Chris and his personalized work.”

And another client “I have been impressed the most that he has never let his transformation change the core of who he is: loving, caring, compassionate and downright helpful. I have also been impressed in his ability to recognize his self worth and know what is BEST for him along the way. He stands his ground and it shows because you matter! He shows that and it’s inspiring.  He never made this journey unrealistic because if it was I would not have been as successful in my health and wellness in getting as far as I have.” says client Candice Kennedy in Los Angeles.

Holley’s goal is to promote healthy weight loss and wellness through daily diet and mindset changes to promote long term success. He enjoys public speaking to corporate health groups, weight loss groups, and health & wellness events, and provides 3 and 6-month transformation programs to change your life. Holley also specializes in individual coaching for triathletes, swimmers, and other endurance athletes.

To connect with Chris Holley, and to order a copy of Silver Linings Storybook please visit or his personal blog at

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