Apostle Carlos L. Malone Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “ME: Your Life Transformation Empowerment Guide”

Published on April 28, 2017

ME: Your Life Transformation Empowerment Guide featuring Apostle Carlos L. Malone hits #1 on the Amazon.com Professional Growth Best Sellers List.

Carlos L. Malone, Sr., Senior Pastor and Servant Leader of The Bethel Church in Miami, Florida, hit #1 on the Amazon.com Professional Growth Best Sellers List on April 21st, 2017 for the release of ME: Your Life Transformation Empowerment Guide. The book also ranked No. 7 in the Business & Professional Growth category and No. 16 in the Inspirational category.


ME: Your Life Transformation Empowerment Guide is a guide that will lead people to the truths about life, responsibility, accountability and matured growth. In this book readers will be challenged greatly to own their own stuff and stop looking for a heroic bail out for human idiosyncratic ideal’s and choices. This book should be read with authentic humility allowing the content to disrupt comfort levels and conduct.


Apostle Carlos states, “ME is all about YOU (Your Own Understanding); it’s about improving yourself in a way that no one else can. ME is a formula for fixing foundational cracks in your character. While writing ME, I discovered more things about myself that influenced my pen. God used my life’s lessons to teach me what I am teaching in ME. I am very excited about this book and it’s Amazon bestseller accomplishment. But I’m more so encouraged to see that it’s helping so many people. I am honored by the support of all those who have and will purchase the book; I am so grateful to God for them.”


Malone is an apostle, prophet, pastor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. His style of teaching is refreshing, authentic and genuine. His bold approach to deliverance and spiritual wholeness through transparency is a Biblical blueprint for those seeking a better way of life in God for their families, professions, communities, wealth and health.


Apostle Malone has written several books which include “The Rib Connection” which is designed to strengthen and stabilize marital relationships through simple, practical methods.  Other books include, “The Integrity of Ministry,” “God’s Created Order”, “Hidden in His Hands”, “The Prevailing Prayer Life” and “The Road to Purpose-The Journey Beyond Potential” and “The Reward of Purging.”

To learn more about Apostle Carlos L. Malone and The Bethel Church in Miami, FL. visit https://www.facebook.com/MEbycarlosmalone/

ME: Your Life Transformation Empowerment Guide is available on Amazon.com Kindle at http://amazon.com/dp/B06ZZ18TF2

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