World Rhino Day To Be Celebrated In Virginia Horse Country September 22 at "Rhino Rights Knight"

World Rhino Day To Be Celebrated In Virginia Horse Country September 22 at “Rhino Rights Knight”

In recognition of World Rhino Day, Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) is presenting “Rhino Rights Knight” at Foxcroft School in Middleburg, Virginia, September 22, 2015 from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. KwF and Foxcroft have teamed up to connect students worldwide through cultural exchange, art, science, and technology.

Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) and Foxcroft Girls School are collaborating to recognize and celebrate World Rhino Day, Tuesday September 22, 2015 at the school’s Middleburg, Virginia campus. Loudoun and Middleburg residents are invited to support their neighborhood youth, learn about African culture and support the protection of five species of rhinoceros from extinction in the wild.

Attendees will enjoy drone flights by DaVinci Challenge Students, South African art, and sign the international Rhino Bill of Rights. The event will also include light refreshments, art exhibit, auction, door prizes, and African music.

Where and When:

Foxcroft School
22407 Foxhound Lane
Middleburg, Virginia 20117

September 22, 2015
5:00 p.m to 7:30 pm

Featured Events

  • Princess Aliyah talks mission focused STEAM projects with international collaboration through Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge and DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop.
  • South African Conservationist Grant Fowlds will give a short presentation on the Rhino Art Project followed by conversations about the poaching crisis in Africa.
  • US students, Julia Chirite and Arthur Tisseront, present on their experience at the World Youth Rhino Summit in South Africa.

Grant Fowlds:
Grant Fowlds grew up in the Eastern Cape and is fluent in Xhosa and Zulu. He’s experienced the beauty of the African landscape and devastation wreaked upon its wildlife 1st hand.

For the past 6 months Fowlds has been working closely with the National Park of the DRC (ICCN), which has been ravaged by war and destruction. The role: rebuild, plan, fund, and reintroduce wild game into the parks. In addition to this, he promotes rhino education through art – The Rhino Art Project knows no age or physical boundaries.

The project aims to create awareness and reduce demand in Asian countries via schools, tertiary departments, and education centers. Fowlds will meet with Asian leaders in Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2015, bringing with him petitions against wildlife crime and poaching collected from his international events.

Rhino Art Project: Let the children’s voices be heard!  
The objective of the Rhino Art Project, is to gather the largest number of children’s ‘Art Voices’ ever recorded in support of Rhino Protection, and to use these ‘Hearts and Minds’ messages from the children of Africa, as a worldwide call to action against Rhino poaching

World Youth Rhino Summit:
The World Youth Rhino Summit’s goal is to engage future leaders in rhino/wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation and influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge: 
The worldwide Wildlife Conservation unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Challenge (wcUAVc) to foster innovation and invention in the design, fabrication, and utilization of unmanned aircraft to assist with counter poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking.  

In just a few months with 140 teams in 30 countries the wcUAVc become the world’s largest and most distributed aircraft research effort. It calls on students, hobbyists, and academics to cooperate in a design, build, fly challenge that emphasizes the integration of sensors, embedded systems, and communications in a robust and high endurance aircraft for counter poaching of endangered species.

DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop
The DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop was created to encourage US students of all ages to participate in a mission focused innovative and hands-on workshop to learn the basics of drone design, fabrication, robotic systems integration, 3D printing, and piloted and autonomous flying techniques.

Rhino Rights Knight is brought to you by KwF’s media and marketing partner Black Knight Events.

More information and RSVP:

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Phone: 703-901-4298


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