Dr. Simon Dove, Chiropractor in Fort Collins, Colorado with Chiropractic Wellness Center, Interviewed About Nomination for 2017 Best Chiropractor of Fort Collins by Lydia’s STYLE Magazine.

Dr. Dove is the happy owner and principal doctor at the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Fort Collins. He holds the highest level of NSA certification and is a certified SRI wellness educator. For the fourth year in a row his practice has been nominated for best chiropractor in Fort Collins by Lydia’s STYLE Magazine.

Dr. Simon Dove commented: “I have been nominated and won it in 2014, 2015, and was nominated in 2016 but did not win it, so I am hoping to be privileged enough to win once again this year. My chiropractic work has changed my life. The depth of healing physically and emotionally, bringing us to a greater depth of our spirit, surpasses anything I have ever experienced in the world of health and wellness — personally and professionally.”

NSA is a system based within the wellness paradigm, which places the individual in an active role for maximizing expression of his or her own innate potential. Unlike a common health-vs.-illness approach, which is based on fear and dominance, the wellness approach is based on empowerment and partnership with the practitioner.

NSA is designed to advance spinal and neural integrity by developing new strategies and self-organization. This aids in being more resourceful when we have to adapt in life, and handle challenges. Through a series of light touches along the spine, the patient experiences a deeper awareness of his or her own spinal structures and a release of spinal tensions.

Dr. Dove believes that the connections developed through experiencing NSA leads to new neural patterns, new options, and this will aid individuals in making healthier choices. This, in turn, can shift human culture toward a more compassionate, vital, creative, self-aware and responsible entity. By optimizing an individual’s biology, NSA will facilitate positive transformation on a global scale — one spine at a time.

Contact Dr. Simon Dove to learn about his unique approach to chiropractic treatments. https://www.myfortcollinschiropractor.com

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