Financial Expert, Edward Moldaver, Reaches #1 Amazon Best Seller List with Logical Investing

Published on May 10, 2016

Logical Investing Logical Investing: The Fluff, The Bark & The Bite (Volume 2) featuring Edward Moldaver hits #1 on the Amazon’s Bestseller List.

Financial expert and author Edward Moldaver has just released his most recent book, “Logical Investing: The Fluff, The Bark & The Bite (Volume 2)”, which quickly reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list.  An emotion-free guide to wealth management, he calls on his “expert experiences,” to guide clients into personal investing success.

 “Logical Investing: The Fluff, The Bark & The Bite (Volume 2)” is an in depth common sense outline to investing that provides clear real world examples and concepts everyone can relate to.  With an ability to reach people equally, but in an individual way, this book is paving the way for individuals to better understand themselves, their goals, and their work and earnings expectations as related to investing.

Named by Barron’s as the #1 financial advisor in the state of New Jersey in their annual list of America’s Top 1000 Advisors: 2012 State-by-State and featured in their article titled “America’s Best”,  Mr. Moldaver has been featured on Barron’s 2012 list of America’s Top 100 Financial Advisors.   Also a contributor to investment publications and media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fox Business, Crain’s New York Business, and dozens more Mr. Moldaver brings a wealth of knowledge to his work.

Barak Granot, who managed the book launch, stated “We feel honored that the book was well received. The success was beyond any expectations and we are thankful for all the readers. Financial Education is crucial in these times and Mr. Moldaver did a great job in simplifying the matter and making it easy to consume.” 

The book, which was published in April 2016, asks and answers such questions as: “Does your investment behavior match your risk tolerance? How can you leverage the power of knowledge, experience, research and history in your plan to grow wealth? What is the value of asset allocation over the long run?”  “Logical Investing” is a compelling case for hiring a financial advisor that clearly explains the infrastructures which should go into financial decision making.  Mr. Moldaver knows trusting a person to invest a person’s hard earned money can be daunting and he covers all the basics and principles anyone should understand before beginning any financial advisor relationship.

Mr. Moldaver’s book, Logical Investing: The Fluff, The Bark & The Bite (Volume 2), reached #1 International Bestseller on Amazon’s bestseller lists in the US, Canada and the UK. Both paperback and Kindle editions have received numerous 5-stars reviews and appeared under several bestseller categories. Logical Investing appeared on the bestseller list side by side with books like Good to Great, The 4-Hour Work Week, Rich Dad – Poor Dad, Steve Jobs, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and Think and Grow Rich, just to name a few.

About Edward Moldaver:

Immigrating to the United States in 1978 from Kiev, Ukraine (former Soviet Union) Edward Moldaver started his career in finance as a runner in the New York Mercantile commodities pits at the World Trade Center.  Mr. Moldaver earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Widener University and is a board member of the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers® (ACPM®) at Columbia University.   Also the author of two best-selling books, “Logical Investing” and “Logical Investing: The Fluff, The Bark & The Bite”, Edward has over 25 years of expert experience advising and managing the assets of high net worth families, entrepreneurs, middle-market business owners and affluent individuals.  Now a Managing Director at Stifel by way of its acquisition of Barclays Wealth and Investment Management he continues to write while expanding the Moldaver Group, a wealth management, and investment planning team.

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