Holistic Aromatherapist Angela Sidlo in Toronto for The Silver Linings Storybook Launch and Health Fair Presentations June 23-25

Published on June 17, 2016

Toronto – Angela Sidlo coauthor of the new feel-good anthology book series The Silver Linings Storybook: Successful Leaders Share Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Stormy Days in Personal and Professional Life will be visiting Toronto from Oregon this month.

Sidlo will be available from June 23 – 25 to meet with media, public and private organizations, hospitals, clinics and wellness centers.

She will also be sharing her work at the Carrot Common on Saturday, June 25. Media channels and organizations who advocate for wellness through integrative therapies, in the Toronto area, are encouraged to attend to meet and network with Sidlo.

The Silver Linings Storybook launched earlier this year and published landing on two #1 Paid Bestseller categories on Amazon.com.

Sidlo participated in the first edition of the new storytelling series, to share her story of self acceptance through hormonal imbalances, depression and fibromyalgia. Through her experiences she has developed programs and products as a health coach and aromatherapist to assist women who want to lose weight, balance hormones and live the life they dream of.

Throughout her career she has certified in several integrative therapies and created a “toolbox” of modalities that bring healing to her clients. Sidlo believes that “Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Communities.”

As an aromatherapist she creates products that balance hormones, relieve stress, support healthy skin and calm the mind.

Sidlo works closely with western medicine and formulates essential oils blends for use in hospitals, hospice care and home health. Her products are available in outpatient pharmacies in Oregon. She teaches aromatherapy and wellness classes at community colleges and trains hospital staff on the safe and effective use of essential oils.

As the Oregon Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, Sidlo travels to teach aromatherapy classes and offers continuing education credits through the Jennscents Institute for massage therapists in the US.

About her upcoming presentation at Carrot Common Green Roof on Saturday June 25 Sidlo says “Through my work and experience with essential oils I have learned that the body is so magnificently resilient, if we offer it natural methods to heal. I am eager to share my work as a health coach and aromatherapist with the rest of the world to assist individuals to be co-creators in their own wellness.”

Sidlo recently published a 3-part blog series, “Where Does Wellness Begin?” which was the catalyst for her story in The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 1. She has interviewed dozens of people from all walks of life and posed the question, “Where Does Wellness Begin?” and the answers all vary. 

Sidlo believes this is a perfect example of bio-individuality and she carries this concept into her work as a health coach to find the right combination of her knowledge, experience and modalities to give her clients the best results, as each of us are different. This approach differs from Western medicine’s approach of each symptom receives the same treatment.

Join her in Toronto and learn how you can work with her to bring health and wellness to your organization, community, hospital, clinic or wellness center.

To find out more about Angela Sidlo for to www.AngelaSidlo.com or to book her time in Toronto reach out to her publisher of The Silver Linings Storybook, Debbie Horovitch by calling 416-553-2157. Primary care organizations can alternatively contact Sidlo at angela.sidlo@gmail.com

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