International Business Educator Peter Frampton Makes Return Engagement to World’s Largest Human Resources Conference SHRM 2016

Published on June 16, 2016

Peter Frampton, creator of the Color Accounting education system, returns to the SHRM Conference to teach 1,000+ “People People” how to make Business Come Alive.

The planet’s top Human Resource professionals are gathering for their annual confab in Washington, DC, and have invited a presenter who specializes in teaching Accounting, to help them better understand business fundamentals.

While many might wonder why this group of “people people” would be interested in improving their financial literacy, for many of last year’s attendees the answer is clear: To gain a seat at the table – and be given a voice in the conversation – at executive team meetings.

“This presentation gave me so much more confidence to speak to the CFO/CEO,” is the way one attendee at last year’s SHRM Conference put it. “First time I ever felt I could understand a balance sheet,” added another. “Great, real-world examples that simplify understanding of accounting principles to empower HR professionals to communicate effectively,” said a third.

The SHRM Conference
SHRM 2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition is the world’s largest event for Human Resources professionals. Produced by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), this year’s conference is being presented June 19-22, 2016 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Based upon Frampton’s stellar reputation as a presenter and business educator, conference organizers took a bit of a risk by inviting him to present to hundreds of attendees at their 2015 event in Las Vegas. But audience response to his seminar on accounting fundamentals and how HR professionals can leverage them to their advantage was so overwhelmingly positive that he was invited back and given a total of three slots in the 2016 program’s busy schedule.

“I am very gratified that SHRM asked me to present in Washington this year,” stated Frampton. “They have a tremendously intelligent and engaged audience. I loved watching the light bulbs turn on across the room last year!”

Gaining A Seat At The Table
“As the former head of the HR department at a large firm myself, I know how dismissive other department heads and executives can sometimes be toward we “people people,” said Mark Robillard, Co-Founder of Color Accounting International. “Being able to fluently speak the language of Accounting empowers HR professionals and gives them entree to – and credibility at – board and executive team meetings.”

Perhaps one response from an attendee at last year’s Las Vegas event puts it best. “Peter Frampton’s presentation was phenomenal. He made finance/accounting real, relatable and engaging like never before. He is a true educator and should be a part of the SHRM Conference every year on a bigger stage, larger room and for more time.”

Peter Frampton presents Business Smarts for HR Professionals at SHRM 2016

One Half-Day Session Business Comes Alive: Finance for the HR Professional
Sunday June 19, 7:30 a.m.

Two 75-Minute Presentations: Business Smarts for HR Professionals
Tuesday June 21, 2:15 p.m.
Wednesday June 22, 11:30 a.m.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW
Washington, DC 20001

See conference program for exact room locations


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