Ian Herculson, Edmonton SEO Expert Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio About Helping Clients Get More Customers with Top Ten Rankings

Ian Herculson, Edmonton SEO Expert Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio About Helping Clients Get More Customers with Top Ten Rankings

Ian Herculson, an Edmonton SEO Expert was recently interviewed on Business Innovators Radio about how SEO helps businesses get more customers by being findable online. Ian was selected due to his special expertise on local SEO.

Edmonton SEO Expert, Ian Herculson of PositionOneMarketing.com in Edmonton, Alberta was selected out of thousands of SEO companies to appear as a featured guest on Business Innovators Radio to talk about how he helps clients get more customers by getting their websites and businesses ranked in the top ten search results for their best keywords in Google.

Ian was selected because of his track record of helping clients achieve online success and because he is currently tracking hundreds of top ten search engine rankings for himself and his clients both locally and internationally.

“I cannot tell you how happy I am to be asked to appear on Business Innovators Radio,” Herculson says. “Whenever I have the opportunity to share with small business owners what SEO is all about, how it works, and how it can put their business in front of their best customers, I am always grateful.”

During the interview, Herculson explained how business owners who show up on search engines when prospects search their company names are not getting in front of the prospects an SEO campaign would typically target because prospects who find a business by searching a company’s name already know the company exists.  Herculson says the best way is to rank for keywords and phrases that describe what the companies do because those prospects are looking for the services those companies provide and solutions to the problems those companies fix.

He also explained the most common misconceptions businesses who know what SEO is have is that they can sprinkle keywords throughout their pages and that by doing so they will automatically rank on page one of the most popular search engines for those keywords, or that by having a lot of content on their website it will rank in the top spots, and that ultimately the ideas they have about SEO and getting top ten search engine rankings are generally small parts of the overall puzzle.  He went on to explain how an overall SEO strategy might work for a company that is serious about getting found online and the controversial ranking method that he said over ninety-nine percent of small and mid-sized businesses he works with do not know about.

Ian has been involved in online marketing since 1997 thus lending almost two decades of experience to Position One Marketing.

In an effort to prove that his results not only work but persist, he ranked PositionOneMarketing.com #1 for “edmonton seo” beating out all of his local competition including the largest SEO Agencies in his area. He achieved these results with only a small 2 person team, which outlined a newer, faster and more cost effective method of SEO Pricing he would pass onto his clients.

Today, Position One Marketing is one of Edmonton, Alberta’s newest and most aggressively growing SEO companies with an outstanding record of getting clients the results they desire.

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