Nicola Beer Achieves Best-Selling Author Status with Putting Kids First in Divorce

Published on March 1, 2016

Nicola Beer, Divorce, Relationship & Dating Coach, tops multiple best-seller lists with her contribution to the new book — Putting Kids First in Divorce: How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships & Protect Your Children During & After Divorce. The book includes conversations with inspiring high-integrity divorce professionals with the collective mission of putting the needs of children first via collaborative and mediated divorce strategies.

Putting Kids First in Divorce ranked as a best-seller in 6 Amazon categories on the first day of its release. It ranked No. 1 in the ‘divorce and separation’ category.

The book takes a compassionate look at putting children first during a divorce, as well as sharing the benefits of pursuing a collaborative or mediated divorce. In her chapter titled, “How to Help Your Teen Survive and Thrive After Divorce,” Beer discusses the challenges teens face during a divorce; how to support teens through transition — including parenting “Do’s and Don’ts”; and, knowing when to enlist outside support.

Inspired by her painful personal journey as a teenager of divorce, Nicola has dedicated her life to helping as many families as possible, to help them heal from the past and create new beginnings. She provides compassionate coaching including practical strategies to minimize the stress, tension and strain divorce can have on parents and their children. She is grateful to work with parents and teenagers across the world. Nicola has had extensive training and more than a decade of experience. She is certified in the following:

-Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist

-Master Coach and Trainer of Coaches

-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator

-Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

-Relationship Skills

-Conflict Management


-Cellular, DNA Healing

According to Beer, “Healthy families have nothing to do with whether the parents live together or apart. It is all to do with the love, support and life coping skills you provide your children with.”

Beer passionately advocates for collaboration and mediation in divorce. Nicola’s mission — pure peace — aligns with the mission of Putting Kids First in Divorce. According to Nicola, “Being invited to be part of this book and to write a chapter on teenagers and divorce was like a dream come true for me. I felt alone, angry and abandoned when my parents divorced when I was age thirteen. Their handling of the separation (unintentionally) caused us children further damage and pain. For the first time, using both my personal experience and many years of experience gained from working with teenagers and parents across the world, I am giving teenagers a voice! Where I share what it means to be a teenager of divorce, what they need and don’t need, what parents can do to support them and what to avoid. It’s a real honor to get this message out to such a wide audience; I am forever grateful.”

Nicola is available for speaking engagements and private coaching on the topics of divorce, relationships, and dating. For more information about Nicola Beer, visit Pure Peace Coaching

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